50 On Greeff - Lichtenburg, South Africa

18 May 2018

We arrived in the dark, after 18:00 in Lichtenburg where we were spending the night at 50 on Greeff Guest House.

One of our pit-stops was next to a Sunflower Field, I just had to take the camera out and take a pic - just love Sunflowers!

Sunflower Pic, I couldn't resist!

After a long day on the road of eleven-odd hours (instead of the expected 8hrs), due to delays of various kinds, we were not in the mood for disappointment or a bad night.

These thoughts were quickly put to rest when we were met with a friendly smile and a secure off-street garage to park our vehicle in.

We were met with a friendly smile and a secure off-street garage to park our vehicle in

If you have a trailer, you might have a slight problem here as our Toyota Fortuner just made it in length wise, but then I am sure that the owners would think of another way to help you with the trailer, they seem to have thought of everything else.

Francois showed us how everything worked and where everything was -Even an Ice Machine with outside access. Before he said Good Night, he recommended a few restaurants for a quick supper. We unpacked the necessities and made our way to a local spot for a meal and quite a few glasses of wine. It turned out to be a lovely night as we had a waitress with a great personality and full of wit and us girls really enjoyed all the random sayings on the walls.

50 on Greeff was a breath of fresh air, the rooms were tastefully and elegantly decorated. Linen was crispy clean and of good quality. Our room had a flat-screen tv, kettle, microwave & small fridge, stocked with filtered water.

The en-suite bathroom was as elegant as the room, really was a pleasure to shower in. The property itself was immaculate and well looked after, certainly a pleasure to stay at. The walls to seem to be a bit thin between rooms, we couldn't hear the other guests talking but did get woken up by a bath running in one of the adjacent rooms.

Owners, Suzanne & Francois are friendly and make you feel right at home. Breakfast was buffet style with everything from yoghurt & selection of cereals to pork sausages, beef cubes, bacon, the list just goes on. Francois turns out to also be the cook and made our eggs just the way we asked.

After a great chat with both Suzanne & Francois, we finished a lovely breakfast and headed off into the direction of our next two stops, Skilpadshek Border Post and Kalahari Rest Lodge.

Contact Details:

Address: 50 Greeff Street, Lichtenburg

Mobile: 072 381 3224

Website: N/A

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